Sunday, April 28, 2013

Surprise Inside Cake Book by Amanda Rettke!

CoNgRatULaTiOnS Amanda!!!

I know before I even see the guts that I am going to LOVE this book.
Everything Amanda touches has a certain flair and originality that always leaves you wanting to see more.
So I CAN'T WAIT to sit down with a huge cup of tea and fondle every page read every crumb of wisdom in her brand new gorgeous book.
She is afterall the queen mother of hidden designs in cakes. And one of my heros.
Very excited for her! Does it show?

Here are some of the designs she has shared with us in the past:

Easter Cake
Halloween Pumpkin Cake
Ruffle Ornament Cake
Fourth of July Cake
Ghost Cake
Mini Heart Cake
Shamrock Cake
Pumpkin Surprise Cake
Heart Cake Tutorial 
Social Media Cake
Snow Globe Cake Tutorial
Vertical Layer Cake Tutorial
Faith Cake
Faith Cake Tutorial
Chocolate Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Which one is your favorite? I'm very partial to both the Mini Heart and Chocolate Chocolate Raspberry cakes.
Can you believe she was disappointed in how it turned out? It looks so delicious!
And getting designs that tiny inside a cake that you can actually see and recognize after cutting is brilliant.

Okay. Stop drooling and let's get back to her book . . . possibly the best part.
Although Amanda has been very generous with her tutorials on her blog iambaker, this book is being promoted as only never before published cakes.
All brand new! Yippee!!!

You are wanting a copy now, aren't you?
Perhaps not as much as I do since I've been dreaming and breathing (and eating, I'm sorry to say but SOMEONE has to taste test!)
nothing but hidden or twice baked or surprise inside cakes for quite a long time now.
It's refreshing to see that somebody else out there loves them as much as I do.

Alright already. Get going! You can pre-order on Amazon here.
And then wait patiently for the release date. sigh! This is gonna test every ounce of my patience.

Be sure to drop Amanda a line and tell her how excited we are for her upcoming release!


Michelle Ord-Taylor said...

Wow! I am very excited too. I love the picture on the front of her book. Thanks for blogging about it and letting us know :)

Deborah Stauch (aka FairlyOddMother) said...

Michelle: Doesn't it look like such fun? Can't wait!