Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Quilt for Wes

Must've been our year for babies. And baby quilts. I wanted to give something more memorable than clothes or gadgets to some dear friends for their first baby. The color scheme of the baby's room threw me a bit but we have a HUGE fabric store nearby so finding grey and yellow wasn't nearly the challenge I'd dreaded.

Here was the pattern I chose done up in the
blues and yellows you might expect for a boy.
And here is the un-quilted version of the one for baby Wes.
Lots of geometric patterns but I managed to throw
in some music notes for fun.
Hard to see the tiny detail of the prints here.
A geometric stitching pattern for the quilting seemed to fit the bill.
And it didn't end up in the baby's room after all.
Instead it was used as his blankie to
play on everyday in the living room.
Or so I'm told. But . . .
here's Wes as he was learning to crawl. On his quilt!
What a face! Love him!

He's up and nearly running now so his blanket on
the floor days may be limited. Fun while it lasted. 
Don't they grow up WAY TOO FAST?
Hope it serves as a picnic blanket when he
moves outside to the greener pastures of the lawn.

Hugs to you Wes!

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