Sunday, August 28, 2011

Edible Scissor Cupcakes

My skinny hairdresser LOVES cupcakes.
Lemon, chocolate, whatever.
Lemonade cupcakes with fresh raspberries
 and raspberry filling are her favorite so far.
But that doesn't keep me from taking another batch
for her to sample with every appointment.
And sometimes in between appointments.
You know, in case she changes her mind.
I didn't take a photo of them before running out the door.
I wanted them to be icy cold when she got them.
A sunny lemon yellow pile of tart frosting topped
with a bright red raspberry and a little straw to
slurp up all the juicy goodness inside.
They truly are juicy.
All the lemonade simple syrup they can hold goes inside.
An old fashioned lemonade tag hanging
on a ribbon completed the tray.
She plays soccer all the time so she can afford the calories.
My own cute little guinea pig.
She's simply adorable. And very sweet.
I made these a while back before she left on a trip to Europe.
 And these when she came back home.
Almond with almond buttercream filling and frosting.
They were garnished with an oval fondant plaque
and topped with edible scissors.
Had lots of fun making these! 
I tried to bring enough for her to share.
So that she wouldn't have to hide them from the other stylists.
Not that she's not a sharing person.
Sometimes I think she'd just like one for now
and maybe one (or six) for later.
I'm not sure how many "enough" is though.
These were all gone before I left.
This week's treat. Maybe her new second favorite?
I'll have to say they were pretty tasty on my taste buds!

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