Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Square Waffle Cone Ice Cream Cups . . .

. . . or as they are known in the Netherlands and Belgium,
 "ijsbekers van koek." Roughly translated, "ice cubes of cake."
Not the best translation but I'm told it works.
Can't find them in anywhere in the U.S.
or from anyone I've contacted abroad.
A fellow Cake Central junkie has been kind enough
to try and help but so far we haven't been successful.
Her CC name is Marjommeke. She posted her creation
a few days ago, which sent me into an immediate
fit to have some. NOW!!!
And to follow up on my other ice cream cone cup desires.

A little bowl of adorable from Marjommeke.

blog a while back and haven't been able
to find them to purchase either. 
They live in Cape Town, South Africa.
Along with Ramsey Thompson, their owner.
Or should I say, former owner.
Hopefully she consumed this lovely bite just after this shot.
She purchased them at the local Pink n' Pay store.
 Check out her recipe for  Mini-Swirl Ice Cream Cupcakes.
Both of these mini cups are just too cute to let go
so the quest will continue. I have big plans for them.

Meanwhile, Marjomekke sent more photos
to tempt me including this one
by Cindy Littlefield for Disney Family. 
I LOVE this idea!!!
It is similar to one I've had in my head for ages.
So now I just HAVE TO make it. Don't you think?
Stay tuned. I'm off this morning to get my ingredients . . .

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Unknown said...

I used to get ice blocks from my mum in those square cup wafer cones. I can't find them anywhere now. Do you know where I can get them? There were tons on the supermarket shelves when I was much younger. I live in Melbourne, Australia.