Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea For Me Too . . . Cake!


A while back, I made some edible tea cups from ice cream conesI wanted to do something special with them. More than just use them as they were. Don't get me wrong. I'm not fickle. I still love them all by themselves on their little chocolate saucers. Very much.


But they seemed to be calling out for something more. When I saw this photo, I knew this was what they were born for.


I'd spied this adorable, "Tea For Me Too" tea set while browsing online several weeks before I ever finished all the teacups.


The colors of my cups were already dictated by the colors of Candy Melts since I'd made the saucers first.


And the handles to match. I didn't think it was too far of a stretch to use them with the dreamy watercolor art in this lovely set. When I finally completed the cups, I went back online to find the source of the photo. Ever do that? Find something and not pay attention to the source?


After some searching, I discovered it was from a company that I already knew and loved for their gorgeous cake pedestals. Small world.

I'm even lucky enough to own their three mini pedestals thanks to my generous sister-in-law. (She knows me and my love of cupcakes well! Thanks again TS!) Just days before, I had been lusting over & fondling admiring some of their collections on display in one of my favorite stores ever, Molbak'sTS also introduced me to Molbak's. BIG mistake. Or just a happy accident? Ask my banker.

Looking back, it seems like the stars were aligning themselves. If you believe in that sort of thing. Or fairy dust. Which, by the way, adds a nice sparkle to the piping gel tea. In grown-up terms it's called luster dust.

Although I was familiar with some of their products, I was happy to learn that Rosanna is located in nearby Seattle. Seemed like a very wise idea to try and get permission to use the art before going any further. Even as I pressed the "send" button, my heart was sinking and I was thinking that the cake would remain just a dream. I fully expected a stock reply with words to the effect of, "No, thank you." And, "Please see our legal department."

just a little of Rosanna's fame . . .

I also hadn't taken time to read all about the company yet.  Or I may have been too intimidated to even ask in the first place. I only knew that they sold my beloved pedestals and the tea set.

My goodness! They're huge! And famous! And in some very high end stores! After learning this, I was quite certain that the cake idea  was doomed before it ever began.

Even the top of the box is precious!

So, you could have knocked me over with a feather when later that same day, I received a reply giving me permission to use the art! Along with some splendid compliments on my teacup creations. I was (and am) elated.

I'd attached a photo of my edible teacups so they could see exactly what I had in mind. Chris Winn, Public Relations & Media Coordinator has been SO very far above and beyond nice with everything. Rosanna is lucky to have you representing her Chris! Thank you so very much for all the kind words and for putting my idea in front of Rosanna. And thank you Rosanna for letting me recreate the beautiful packaging on your tea set in cake! And frosting. And all things sweet.

Update: Thank you Rosanna for your generous compliments and mention in your blogFood artist? I'm speechless.

I'm still in awe and in need of a good pinching. Her style is incredible. And her taste is impeccable. And she let allowed me to copy one of her lovely designs in cake!

Please read all about Rosanna and her company hereAnd for heavens sake, go out and get another pedestal already! A girl can never have too many!

I've got my eye on the small white one.
Perfect size for a future project in the works.

Oh . . . and these black ones!

And squares. I love squares. And tall and skinny with red velvet cake. . . ahhhhh. Easy to see how you could accumulate a rather large small collection with all of these delicious choices.


Meanwhile, back from my imaginary shopping trip . . . 
The cake is covered in fondant with edible images. And of course the edible teacups from ice cream cones with chocolate saucers on top. The tutorial for making them can be found here.

The teapot is molded from Candy Melts with a gumpaste handle. I rubbed the shiny finish down to coordinate with the rest of the set. The scalloped lace trim was hand cut from frosting sheets and had the tiniest holes along each scallop. Details, details!


This top view without the cups and teapot shows all the artwork hidden beneath the cups and saucers. And the cute logo. I also included a couple of special touches of my own. If you're going to play tea time, you might as well live it up!


Labels on the bottom of the cups and saucers. Just like the really fancy stuff.


And an edible tea bag made from wafer paper and filled with tea colored sugar crystals. Rosanna Sweet Tea Brand.


Sugar and spice and everything nice.

That's what Rosanna Bowles is made of.

Thanks for taking some time out for tea!


brown gramma said...

my talented friend...
you blow me away !
fabulous work...yet again.

Jessica said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!! You are the QUEEN of details! SOO beautiful...and the white trim is perfect!! I kept looking at it saying, "it's totally straight and perfect!" Nice work Deborah!!! So beautiful! I'm sure you're proud!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and too cool!! loved reading through your post!!

Deborah Stauch said...

Thanks! It's a little (okay, a LOT) on the wordy side but I was very excited to share. Happy Caking!