Friday, February 3, 2012

I Heart You Cake


I have an acute fondness for letters in all sorts of fonts. There. I've said it.
Now there's hope for a cure. Until then, why not put some on a cake?
This one was inspired by something I recently saw on Amy Atlas.
Jenny of bloomdesignsonline was featured on
Amy's Sweet Designs blog for her S.W.A.K. party (congratulations!!!)
and included this alphabet in a frame kind of tucked away on a shelf.
Just waiting for me to find it. See if you can spot it here.

Did you find it?
The pink and gray stole my heart.
And if you want a little less pink in your design . . .

. . . she's got that too. But wait . . . there's more.

A red and black one as well! 
Jenny was kind enough to allow me to create her alphabet on a cake.
She also generously provided these three versions of her art
as pdfs which you can download here.

I chose the red, black and white because I had this cute
little alphabet ribbon that I planned to use at the bottom.
But it looked a bit too babyish when the time came. So I left it off.
Much cleaner look and more what I was hoping for.

The cake is covered in fondant with fondant trims.
The ribbon was textured using this fun tool from
Walnut Hollow that I found quite a while ago at Michael's.
It was sold in the metal art section but works great for cake decorating.

Time to go put away the baking toys for today. : (

Thank you for the fun and creative graphic Jenny!
I knew I would like you at once when I saw your bubblegum . . .

Sheet music by

Thanks for looking!


Yaya Yandery said...

This is beautiful & so creative! How did you do the letters? Thanks :)

Deborah Stauch said...

The letters were done with patchwork cutters by Marion Frost. I hand painted them because I changed my mind about the color and was too impatient to make new ones. Hope this helps!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC said...

Found you through Jessicakes - love your work! But, seriously, how do you cover a tall square/rectangle cake in fondant so neatly? I get gaping at the corners that seems impossible to get rid of! Beautiful cakes and creative ideas - thank you!

Deborah Stauch said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Squares and rectangles can be a bit tricky or so I've been told. I do the corners and edges first and then smooth the sides. There are lots of how to videos on youtube for covering squares in fondant. Perhaps one of them will help you perfect your method. I don't really have a "tried and true" way except for allowing lots of time to get it right. If you're using modeling chocolate instead of fondant, you can just cut away the excess and smooth it with the warmth of your fingertip. Happy Caking!