Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Dahlia

Another flower made from wafer paper.
Have I told you how lovely wafer paper is for making thin petals?
This time I hand painted the edges as well to give it a little more dimension.
Short and sweet.
The end!


Carmen said...

Very pretty! The balls on the flower is that made from fondant/gumpaste? Did you attach those with Royal icing if so?

Sweet Regards -Carmen

Deborah Stauch said...

Carmen - the center was made from different sized dragees that were painted with luster dust and vodka. The wafer paper gets so sticky with even the smallest amount of moisture that I just attached them with a dab of vodka. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

do you have instructions?

Unknown said...

do you have an instruction set?

Deborah Stauch said...

Karla W,
The tutorial can be found at Just scroll to the bottom for the pink dahlia.