Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Objet D Taart Mini Cupcakes

A while back, I created a small tower of mini treats
for RosannaShe carries a line of paperweights called,
"Objet D'Art" that I wanted to duplicate for her enjoyment.
I fell in love with the "old soul" and it now rests in my workspace.
The eye also caught mine.
Objet D'Art Paperweights by Rosanna

I nicknamed my cupcakes, "Objet D Taart" for a laugh.
(Taart translates to cake in Dutch.)
So these are international cupcakes indeed!
Photography by Sydney Field, Rosanna, Inc
Mini vanilla cupcakes with frosting sheet images
and clear piping gel.
Before . . .

. . . and after.

The menu included mini cupcakes, tarts and cookies in the following flavors.
Just reading them again is making my mouth water.

Pumpkin Spice Latte with Caramel
(w/mini pumpkin pie toppers of caramel & fondant)
Devils Food with Espresso Buttercream
Macadamia Nut Praline Tartlettes
Mini Cinnamon Roll Cookies
Raspberry Filled Almond Objet D'Taarts

What a lovely day!
Meeting Rosanna and crew was the best treat of all.
Thanks Rosanna for taking time to sit and chat!


sharon said...

love your way of using the piping gel creating this special look. I have a question.. how do you keep the piping gel looking like that? It is usually runny and dripping unless refrigerated.
Tnx Sharon

Deborah Stauch said...

Sharon: the piping gel is heated to apply and just sets up as it cools. You wouldn't want to touch it as it would leave fingerprints but it forms a film and doesn't drip. I also used this technique on my "Time in a Bottle" cake for the text. You can see it here if you're interested: http://once-upon-a-pedestal.blogspot.com/2012/03/time-in-bottle.html
Happy Caking!

sharon said...

Thanks the time-in-bottle cake is amazing!
could you please write your piping gel recipe?(if it's not to big a request)... I guess mine isn't good that's why I had dripping problems in the past
Thanks so much

Deborah Stauch said...

Sharon: wish I had some fancy recipe to share with you but my "recipe" is Wilton's Piping Gel in the little tub. Hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

wow its so pretty. how do you put the text inside the gel?