Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's Up Mummy?

(Blog post title is one of my daughter's favorite telephone greetings when we chat.)

This cute little mummy cake was inspired by a cookie or cake decoration in the background of a Wilton book a few years ago. He's only about 10" tall. Well, 11" with his bandages on. I liked the way he turned out except for the thickness of his gauze. Being fairly new to fondant and cake decorating at the time, I hadn't learned enough or experimented enough to work with thinner bands with any confidence. So although I'd make him a bit differently today, he still passes the cuteness factor test for design.

I used a gingerbread man type shape for his body, added his black face and eyes and then covered him with bandages. He was pretty heavy after all that fondant! Yet still a light weight in the scary division. If you're looking for a more friendly skeleton this Halloween, you may want to give him a try.

Happy Haunting!