Friday, January 29, 2016

Surprise Inside Mini Cupid Cakes

Stupid Cupid? Lover Boy? Angel of Love? Whatever you call him, he's around every corner this time of year! He was most recently spotted lurking inside these mini heart shaped cakes.  

These cute little cupids were made from dark chocolate cake  and surrounded by a moist delicious red velvet cake loaded with chopped maraschino cherries.  

The hearts were slathered with a generous layer of ganache, set on their sides and finished in four different textures.


Couldn't make up my mind between the rustic ganache, cake crumbs, sparkling red sugar or tiny nonpareils. None of the finishes were meant to look perfect since no one's heart remains unscathed after yearly brushes with this little fat man's arrows. No fear this year! In this case they are completely harmless and entirely edible!

valentine's-day-cake-surprise-inside-cupid-wafer-paper-arrow-heart-crumbs-deborah-stauchChocolate covered Pocky cookie sticks prevented the arrows from drinking up any moisture from the cake. The arrow end is made from a cherry flavored gummy heart and the opposite end was cut from wafer paper before dry brushing all of the arrow parts with edible silver luster dust. These would make a cute party snack on their own but I heart the way they look when shot thru the cake. Yes. I said I heart. It's the season. Deal with it. Cards, balloons, flowers, candy. What's not to heart?



Bekee said...

I just love that you did 4 different variations especially the rustic ganache. The cupid in the cake and the arrow, a fantastic idea.

Deborah Stauch said...

Thanks so much Bekee! Can't help myself sometimes.