Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mini Witches Cauldron Cupcake or Cake Toppers Tutorial


SHEILD YOUR EYES!!! The cake pictures were taken late at night and all of the editing in the world (or underworld) can't save them. There. Disclaimer done.

I made 45 mini cakes for a school cake walk a few Halloweens ago. In nine styles. Some were more involved than others. Don't even get me started on the lame plastic or candy hands used for cake styles 6 & 9. I was tired of hand molding scary hands and making bubble gum spiders by then.


Not to mention making tiny skeletons in little surprise inside coffins. I propped up the lids so you could peek inside for these mini cake toppers but you can see how to make the originals from brownies or moist chocolate cake here.

These mini cauldrons were by far the most popular and the first to be chosen by the cake walk winners. 

Easy. You can use cake pops if you'd like but these Lindor Truffles make the job SOOOO much quicker.
Costco carries some larger bags during the holidays.

They come in an assortment of flavors. Even white chocolate. All delicious. I may have sampled 1 or 12.

Poke a toothpick in the bottom of the candy where it has a natural mark from when it was born.
Okay. It's a belly button.  You can explain this to your kids. That's WAAAY beyond my pay grade.

Heat a metal tray in the oven an place the truffle on a small piece of parchment on the tray just long enough to get a flat surface.

Paint the cooled truffles with a mixture of black food powder and vodka or thinned black gel color.

Top the cauldrons with light green Candy Melts. Add dragees and some candy pearls for the bubbles with some candy bones thrown in for a real witches brew. 

Make a ring of candy corn flames and set your adorable little cauldrons on top.

Finished. Told you it was easy.

Want to make some?

Mini Cauldron Toppers

Toothpicks (1 per cauldron)
Lindor Truffles (1 per cauldron)
Lorrann’s black powder
Vodka or extract
Ziploc bags (2)
Cookie sheets (2)
Wilton’s Candy Bones (3-5 per cupcake)
Candy Corn (six per cupcake)
Green Candy Melts
Paramount Crystals or paraffin wax chips
Candy pearls, dragees (1 teaspoon or less per cupcake)
Americolor Electric Green

Other Equipment:
Oven burner


1)   Color 2-3 different sized dragees and candy pearls with Americolor Electric Green using a Ziploc bag. Spread in thin layer on parchment or wax paper covered cookie sheet to dry. 
2)   Place toothpick in bottom of one Lindor Truffle. Melt top to flatten using cookie sheet over burner on very lowest setting. Set aside to cool leaving toothpick in place. 
3)   Paint exterior of cauldron with a mixture of Lorann’s black powder food color and vodka or extract of choice. Set aside to dry.
4)   Melt lime green candy melts in Ziploc bag along with Paramount Crystals or parafin. Add Electric Green Americolor until desired shade is reached. 1 minute at 50% power, check, repeat. Clip a tiny corner from the melted bag of candy melts. Pipe on top of cauldron allowing some areas of drips to imitate pot bubbling over. Add previously colored dragees/candy pearls as bubbles.
5)   Pipe tiny dots on top of the bubbles and attach 3-5 bones per cauldron. 
6)   Frost the mini cake or cupcake with dark chocolate or black tinted frosting. Add 6 pieces of candy corn to form the fire. Pipe a small dot of frosting in the center of the fire and place the cauldron on top.


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