Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bean there, done that

I know. If you see just ONE more cupcake with jelly beans on it. Can't help myself. But I'll wait to post the other entries for a little while longer just to give you a rest. Oh yeah. There's more. Lots more. Meanwhile, here are some fun bubblegum accessories for the little ones in your life.

I took this photo before I gave the necklace
to my baking friend Jessica for her daughter.

And this one before I gave her these Shish-Ka-Bubs for her son.
After all, boys like gum too. And swords.
Had to think of a way to include them in the fun.
Very BRIGHT pink background wouldn't you say? Sorry.

Then she took this one when she got home, just in case
I hadn't snapped (a photo or mentally? hmmm . . .)

and this one before she turned them over to her kidlets.
She is so smart! I love that she took one out to show you.
And she used a background color that won't burn your retinas.

My very smart and creative friend does FABULOUS work with
cakes and takes some amazing photos as well. Thank you Jessica!
I always use a hand drill to make the holes.
Mine is sort of like this one.

Be sure not to press too hard or your gum ball will crack. Gentle drilling from each side makes for very clean holes. And wearing cotton gloves will ensure that they won't loose their lovely shine. My drill bit is dedicated to gum use only & I wash & dry it thoroughly before tucking it away for the next round.

You may be tempted to go electric. I've tried that. Worked okay for about 3 gum balls but I  still had to make a pilot hole so the bit could grab the surface. So there wasn't much time difference between manual and electric. Have you ever been smacked by a flying gum ball propelled by about a million rpms? Still have the bruise. Kind of like being hit by a baseball at full throttle. Until I figure out a safe way to hold them down, I'm sticking to the safer method. My windows are breathing a sigh of relief.

Have fun with your gum!

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