Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jelly Bean Mania

The saga continues. Beans have overrun the kitchen and my brain. 
Here are the latest entries:

Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns, French Toast (with syrup & butter! ) plus some healthy jelly bean orange wedges.
Should've submitted the photo with a view of the top.

Like this one. Live and learn!

The french toast is made from Kraft Stackmallows. Bacon & butter are Tootsie Roll Fruit and the hashbrowns are coconut. Eggs are jelly beans (how did you know?) and mini marshmallows. Syrup is from piping gel with a smidge of brown food paste.

Green Eggs & Ham with an edible wafer paper/gelatin sheet fork.

This one may get tossed for copyright issues but it was fun while it lasted! The first version had black lines on the plate but my drawing skills could use lots of practice.
Hence, I opted for the neater looking model.
Did I mention that it's the only neat thing in my house about now?


Had to use the old lady specs to place the tiny dragees in a somewhat orderly fashion. I always loved this toy.
Probably the bright colors. They get me every time.
Spaghetti, pretzel sticks, on an all edible cupcake.

Christmas lights.

The tiny plug was inspired by a tiny oven from a dear friend. (Thanks Joanie!) Plug prongs are linguine.
Bulb sockets are green Twizzlers, the cord is licorice shoestring. And again with those bright colors. They just scream happy to me.

That's all for this past week. Who knows what next week will bring!


Amy said...

Is the hedgehog just part of the cupcake or did you put something on top of the cupcake to make the body??

Deborah Stauch said...

Hi Amy,

I used half of a hollow chocolate egg but frosting or anything edible formed to a half egg shape would work fine. Thanks for stopping by!