Monday, April 4, 2011


In case you haven't heard, Jelly Belly is having a cupcake contest. And being just a LITTLE competitive, I had to give it a try. Most of you may have waltzed right by the display in your local Safeway but it may as well have had neon lights and horns when I saw it touting a lovely prize for a jelly bean themed cupcake. This is my first entry but I hope to have many more. It is one of the few contests that allows multiple entries. Hooray! So much for visions of sugar plums. They've all been replaced by dreams of beautiful, colorful, shiny jelly beans. And a $10K check. Like the big checks on Food Network's challenges. Go ahead. Submit your entry here. Good luck! Hope you don't pre-spend all of the prize money on jelly beans!

And here's my entry into Seattle Times Newspaper's Peeps Contest. I've got the bug! Only one entry allowed in this one so this is it. Grand prize is a $500 gift certificate to a local drug store. How much hair color would that buy . . . ? There are lots of creative PEEPle out there so this doesn't stand a chance but it was fun playing along. Take a look if you'd like. Go to Seattle Times Peep's Contest and select "view entries." Anyone want a tub of somewhat fresh Peeps?

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