Friday, January 20, 2012

Me and Martha


This is a cupcake designed for Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcake Contest
way back in 2008. Seems like forever ago.
If I had a letterman's jacket right now, I'd be sure to go and put it on while I reflect
on "the glory days" and my 15 3 seconds of fame as a finalist.
But I don't. Not even sure if they gave those jackets to girls back then.
Either way, I never owned one.

Does it look familiar?
Yep, same one used as my pic for Fairly Odd Mother.
It was the first baked item I felt I could confidently share.
Figured if Martha liked it, then maybe it was good enough to act on behalf of my face.
Let's be honest here, Martha probably never saw it.
But someone at her office must've sort of liked it a little.
It was surprising to see that there's still a link to the winners.
I stumbled across it when I was looking on Flickr at cake photos.
Too bad that all the entries aren't still on Martha's site.
There were tons of adorable creations by lots of crafty bakers.
It also looks eerily similar to another breakfast cupcake I made for the Jelly Belly Contest. Must've had hash browns for brains. The newer version was crafted with jelly beans in mind and included french toast with syrup and butter.
Breakfast isn't even my favorite meal.
Go figure.

Any who, the cupcake was topped with a white chocolate plate.
Coconut hash browns, bubble gum tape bacon with a gummy egg to complete the look.
I made over 50 of these for the office where I worked as a "Breakfast of Champions" to cheer on some of our team that had successfully completed a large and difficult project.
We even had champagne with orange juice that morning.
It  took forever to mold all the plates since I could only mold one at a time.
The assembly was much easier. I just took all the components to the office and a couple of us put them together on site. Laughing the entire time.

Looking back, those were some great times.
Lots of hard work but lots of fun and friendly people
to shrug off the tension of the work day with.
And never a dull moment.

I miss you guys!


Kidada Miller said...

I love, love, love what you do! Thank you so much for sharing your gift! I've been following you on cake central. I have one question, how did you get the brown color on the hashbrowns and bacon and how did you make the "white chocolate plate"? Thanks so much!

Deborah Stauch said...

Thank you so much for the compliments and for following me on CC! The coconut was placed in a plastic Ziploc with a tiny amount of water and brown gel then shaken to distrubute the color.

Instructions for the plate can be found in this blog in the post about making the teacups.

Have fun and if you end up making some, please send me a photo!

Unknown said...
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