Monday, October 7, 2013

Surprise Inside Cake - Hidden Mini Polka Dots in Pumpkin!

Mini polka dots in fun Halloween colors hidden in this twice baked Magic in the Middle cake.

UPDATE: You can learn how to make your own surprise inside mini polka dot cake here.
Happy Fall!


Manjeet said...

Hey...Amanda recommended your Blog and here I am...totally amazed.
Instructions for the Polka dot pumpkin cake please.
It truly looks wow!!!


Manjeet said...
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Lexy said...

Looks FABULOUS. Too bad we don't get the's probably the winner of the Haloween/Thanksgiving 2013 season. Please re-consider sharing. Thanks.

Lexy said...

woops, forgot to click email comments. Thanks.

Alumni Creator said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi All

It is possible for anyone to advise what type of sweet was used in the middle. I am assuming candy because chocolate would melt. Desperate to use this for my sons birthday on Friday 10TH!

Thanks a bunch

Kellie said...

@anonymous the 'sweet' in the middle is tiny little cake balls.

Unknown said...

How did you make the mini polka dots?

Deborah Stauch said...

You can find the method here: