Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Surprise Inside Spring Butterfly Flight Cake

Happy SPRING!!! These guys flew into my mind a while back . . . 

. . . and eventually ended up landing inside this moist and creamy white chocolate and cream cheese cake.

Sorry to say that I didn't save the source and can't read the watermark. So unfortunately I'm unable to link to the creator of this beauty.
The exterior was going to be white like the inspiration photo. And the colors were going to be all soft and pretty.

But then I got moss in my hair and on my brain and this is what really happened. The outside was SO simple! Moss colored cake crumbs and wafer paper butterflies.  

The colors are a bit brighter than I'd hoped for. One day I'll learn. Hopefully. Hope YOU are enjoying warmer days and bright butterfly sightings where ever you are!

If you want to see my very 1st attempt at butterflies . . . 



CakeAway- שרית דימבורט said...


frances said...
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frances said...
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Deborah Stauch said...

Frances: I accidentally removed both of your comments rather than just one as they were duplicates. There is not a tutorial for this cake available at this time as I am still working out the bugs (or butterflies) before sharing.
Thanks for your interest!


frances said...

That is exactly what I want to know! There are only so many cakes I'm prepared to bake (two?) before I give up and go and sulk in the garden. Looking forward to your foolproof 'how-to-do-it'.

mara sparks said...

Hi,is there a tutorial?thanks :)

Deborah Stauch said...

Mara Sparks: There is no tutorial for this at this time but thanks so much for stopping by!

Amature said...

Are the butterflies cookies again or cake?

Deborah Stauch said...

These butterflies were made from cake. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Please, please, please make a tutorial for this cake, it is stunning