Monday, July 4, 2016

Surprise Inside Patriotic Pinwheel Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthday America!!!


Hope you're enjoying some cake and ice cream to help celebrate the occasion!

This cake has you covered for both. Which is why I couldn't decide between the
fork or the spoon as the appropriate tool. Or just your tongue.

Cake pinwheels hidden inside the most delicious and creamy vanilla-y vanilla ice
cream. The best news is that it uses store bought ice cream instead of cake for
the white background. Step away from the oven and put down those oven mitts!
Well, not completely. The pinwheels had to be baked.

The bad news is two-fold. 1) I didn't anticipate that the vibrant red frosting would
leave a pink streak when cutting the frozen slices with a hot knife. The Swiss
meringue butter cream took an unusually large amount of both super red and
burgundy to get the color I was after. Which brings us to number 2) Color. What
WAS I thinking?!?! Actually . . . I was thinking a more trendy blue would be fun.
But I lost my nerve when it came to the flag exterior. It was wrong. Next time I
would do the inside blue the same as the outside. Shield your eyes from the
offensive blue pinwheel!

The shot above was taken after the cake went back to the freezer during the first
photography session. Working with ice cream is a little trickier than regular cake.
Kinda reminds me of Hans Solo being frozen but that's another cake all together,
now isn't it?

The frosting style was inspired by this burlap ribbon flag project

I fell in love with the way the folds piled over each other. The original plan was to
use smooth stripes but the ridged side of the piping tip won out.

Wilton basket weave tip #47 did the trick and was just the right size for the planned
number of stripes. Did I say *planned??? One more stripe was "planned" but since
WHEN do things EVER go according to plan? I removed one stripe and soldiered on.

The stars are made from bright white candy melts but regular old white chocolate
would've matched the frosting much better. Okay. So the problems were at least
three-fold. You caught me. At least I always learn from my mistakes. Most of the time.
make a LOT of mistakes. So I'm getting pretty darned smart. One would think.

Hope you're smart enough to cool off with some ice cream & enjoy the rest of your 4th!

miss smarty pants (aka Deborah)

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