Friday, April 26, 2013

The BEST Craftsy Class Yet!!!

Ta- DAAAA!!!

just a smidgeon of her gorgeous work . . .

I'm SO very happy and proud and excited (somersault kind of joy!!!) to introduce you to my friend, Jessica Harris of Jessicakes! 


I know I've mentioned her here a few times before but if you haven't taken time out to meet her, you simply MUST.

Jessica is one of the most talented (self taught!) bakers and her fresh take on cake design will absolutely take your breath away. She always comes up with wonderfully brilliant tips and her execution . . . well, check her out and see for yourself!


Her Craftsy Class is the most popular that Craftsy has ever done! No wonder! You'd think she'd been doing this forever but this was her first. Excellent job and not the last one for sure! 

I can't say enough nice things about her as a baker and person. She is the genuine article and I hope you'll love her too! Enjoy getting to know her!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leo's 1st Birthday


Once again I must apologize profusely for the lack of posts. Our relocation has kept me busier than I'd like with fixups and cleanups.

Now that the snow is finally gone, it's become a little easier to get some of tasks tackled and checked off the list. So maybe I'll get back to baking. Someday.

Did I mention that we also changed to high altitude? We'll see how my tried and true recipes hold up. Meanwhile, I've invested in a couple of high altitude cookbooks to ease the transition.

This is the last cake I baked right before we moved. Notice anything missing? Like eyes for the giraffe? What was I thinking??? Thankfully the birthday boy didn't notice.

The cake was a 10" x 10" cube filled with colorful striped layers to match the candy borders. The smash cake is a giant cupcake that my nephew took great delight in consuming with the help of his doggy buddy.

The giggles and ear to ear smiles got me right in the heart. Such a darling little guy.

Happy 1st Birthday Leo!