Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surprise Inside Cake - Hidden Star Wars

For all of you Star Wars fans out there . . .


This is what happens when you have some alphabet cookie cutters that remind you of Star Wars and a little too much time one fine afternoon. The "cake" is actually Rice Krispie Treats frosted with 2 Ingredient Candy Melts Buttercream.

There is a LOT of black going on here even though I started with cocoa cereal and black Candy Melts. Kids would love the teeth staining from this one! Just finished cleaning up what I hope is the last of the black from the kitchen. It seems to get everywhere when you're working with other high contrast elements.

May the FORK be with you!

Hey, if you're Catholic, does it come natural that you want to follow up with, "and also with you?" I'm not Catholic but have been to several weddings and the sign of peace ceremony made quite an impact. Probably because complete strangers start hugging one another. Well, actually, touching one another. I'm SO much better about hugging now but let me tell you, that first time, all I could think was, "back off!" and "there's never an knife around when you need one." Not so much in the spirit but they didn't kick me out. Even after I asked if the kneeling bench thingys were foot rests . . . What can I say? My family didn't hug or touch much. So now I try and make up for it whenever I can.

May the Force be with you! (and also with you!)