Monday, August 22, 2016

Surprise Inside Spider Cake

I know. I know. I'm WAAAYYY early for Halloween this year. 
Not really.
Oh what a tangled web we weave . . . 

I made this last fall but neglected to post it here for you.  Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Details: a chocolate cake spider in fluffy white cake inside a web covered lair.
The exterior was inspired by The Cake Blog.
Except that I *thought it might be a good idea* to use white chocolate over
ganache for the web rather than marshmallows. Mistake. BIG MISTAKE.
You can't really cut through a brittle chocolate web with any degree of grace.
Even with a hot knife. Use the marshmallows. Trust me on this one.


The spider on the exterior is hand piped black Candy Melts covered in jet black sparkling sugar.
Scary. I don't really care for spiders. Especially the hairy ones. Good news: the scariest part of
making this cake was trying to keep that black sanding sugar from falling all over the white web.

Here he (or she?) is.
All posed and ready to spring on the unsuspecting guests.


Hope this inspires you to spring into action and start thinking  about your very own scary treats menu. It's really not too early. The spiders on our property have been furiously stringing up webs on every possible surface for months. It'll be here before we know it!

Happy Haunting!!!