Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini Reese's Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Long time, no posts. My apologies and thanks for hanging in with me. Get it? Ornaments, hanging? ANYWAYS . . . here are a few of my lame excuses: An extended trip of Europe. New home shopping out of state. And now getting ready to move. In the winter. Really poor planning, wouldn't you agree? None of these have left tons of time for proper baking or blogging. Or working on my book. Since it may be a while before I'm up and posting for real again, I thought I'd share a quick project you might want to try.

I made these last Christmas and they came together pretty quickly. Especially since I did each step at my leisure and then glued them together with white chocolate just before delivery. Is there any glue better than white chocolate?

These tiny ornaments were made from a peanut butter truffle mixture dipped in white chocolate.  Any type cake pop or could be substituted. Red velvet might be nice.

The topper is a mini Reese's dry brushed with silver luster dust. The hanger is a small piece of a cellophane rice noodle. These can be purchased in Asian markets. They are sometimes called bean thread or glass noodles and look transparent.

The snowflakes were punched from wafer paper and given some sparkle with luster dusts. Each treasure was tucked in a mini cupcake liner and sent off to spread some joy.

Hope that you are enjoying all of the warmth and wonder that the season has to offer. Happy Holidays!