Monday, July 13, 2015

Surprise Inside Picnic Ant with Checkered Tablecloth

Just in time for summer . . . 


Surprise inside picnic cake complete with ants and a checkerboard tablecloth! Edible candy melt grass blades (delicious, by the way) on snow white textured buttercream. Non edible basket and bug decorations.

Surprise Inside Unicorn


Thought you might want to see this magical surprise inside unicorn cake. The exterior is covered in a rainbow of sugary pastel pearls with a hint at what's waiting inside. The unicorn shape on the outside is coated in sparkly edible glitter flakes. Add a spiral shaped lollipop to the set up and you're ready to party!

CookieCon 2014

This was/is my post from last year's CookieCon. Which for what ever reason never got posted. Bad blogger! I also took photos all of the cookies entered in the Sugar Show but wanted to match them up with the bakers once the show was over and the cookie creators were finally revealed. Also never happened. Julia Usher of Cookie Connection was so much better at identifying some of the creators in her blog posts.  If you'd like to learn  a little more about the event, check here and here. You can also search "CookieCon 2014" once you're there to see her daily posts of the convention and check out TONS of other cookie related fun! The following is what I jotted down at the time . . .

Day Two of CookieCon 2014. Overload. And we haven't even nibbled on a cookie! The cookies are all for display only so if you're watching the calories, this just might be the place for you. Lots of classes to attend and crumbs of wisdom to be absorbed from these talented cookiers!

Last night my favorite kitchen store honored the attendees with a special shopping experience by opening their doors from 8-10 pm just for us. Although they also have a vendor booth at the event, you really have to step inside their store to get the full experience. My first thought the very first time I visited was, "Honey, I'm home!!!" It was like Christmas. Full on shopping frenzy with every cart taken and check out lines stretching down the isles. Which was kind of nice. Another chance to meet new cookie friends while waiting. There was a beautiful crepes station and a lemonade bar to mix up your favorite beverage along with other thoughtful touches, discounts and raffle prizes. They got to my piggy bank once again with some brand new cookie cutters from Meri, Meri. Had to have them. Thanks Orson Gygi!


Upon leaving the store, we found a long line of SUVs parked outside waiting to take the weary shoppers back to the hotel. Kind of looked like prom night. Without the frocks. Perhaps they should change the event name to "CookieProm" for next year.

I really wasn't going to enter any cookies into the Sugar Show. These ladies take cookie decorating VERY SERIOUSLY. And my piping skills simply stink. I decided to play along and was somewhat satisfied with my cookies. Until I got there. And had to place them side-by-side with some breathtakingly beautiful creations. Never trust your judgment at 2 AM. Kind of like the girls get prettier at closing time when your eyes start to glaze over.

One can only imagine the many, many hours spent on some of these stunners. For now, here are the shameful results of my efforts . . .


This was supposed to be rustic looking with "burlap" flowers. Oh well. The mini flowers are made from wafer paper.


This was the first cookie and ended which sounded like such a good idea at the time. The mini frog didn't really show up when displayed since other cookies are stacked in front. I still heart him. He has little froggy bumps on his back from sanding sugar. One kiss and I'm certain he turns into a prince. And as far as fairy tales go, the show also had a "Once Upon a Time" category. Which should be right up my alley. Not.


This entry started off with a plan to be elegant with eggplant and deep chocolate brown. I even bought a book that looked old to display them on. The rainbow colors won out like they do everytime with me. I just can't resist those happy vibrant colors!

And back to 2015 - Julia is looking for a corespondent to record this year's events. You can apply here if you're interested. I'd have loved the job but she would be no doubt completely unimpressed with my journaling skills. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Patriotic Flag of Chocolate Stars

Happy 4th to all of you! Are you seeing stars yet? It's almost that time!!!


Just sent this yummy treat to work with my hubby. And he just emailed me to say that it's gone even with half of the office out on vacation. Guess they were HUNGRY!!!

White almond cake with vanilla almond buttercream and completely covered in chocolate stars. Love the clean look of this and it was SO easy!

I simply melted blue, red and white Candy Melts in the microwave, each in a separate Ziploc quart freezer bag. I snipped off a corner and filled a star candy mold (eight 1 3/4" star cavities from CK Products), tapped in on the counter to level and remove bubbles and placed it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Then I popped them out and repeated the above a few times. That was the most time consuming part but certainly not complicated or difficult. The stars can be made well in advance and just popped into the buttercream when you're ready.

The two cake layers can also be baked in advance and frozen which makes decorating so very much easier!

This was originally going to be a surprise inside cake but I decided to keep it simple. I think the beauty of this exterior would be lost with too many things going on. So now I just need to redesign the exterior of my surprise inside cake and I'll have two festive cakes!

Keep your holiday simple and enjoy every minute!