Monday, June 5, 2017

Mini pies & donuts

The cuteness got me. This little cherry pie stole my heart the very moment it was born. I swaddled it in cellophane and fashioned a name tag and bow 'cuz every adorable baby needs the basics.

But I didn't stop at cherry. Oh no.

 Apple sounded nice. With oatmeal crumble on top.

 And blueberry looked so sweet it had to make an appearance in the lineup.

Wasn't sure if the peach cranberry would be a good combo but they got along famously.

Blackberry. Oh Blackberry. Some had frangipane filling but the ones without were every bit as delicious.

Raspberry lemon in a raspberry crust since summer is just around the corner and what could be more refreshing?

Each little pie is less than two inches wide and fit perfectly in these two inch square cello bags.

Group selfie. I only "swaddled" 144 of the 432 total pies. They were a special surprise for my daughter to take to her  office and were gone in a flash. The rest just sort of disappeared over the next few days.

And then it was National Donut Day. Couldn't help myself from making a few hundred of these adorable and tasty minis. 

Both confections are only bite sized. Tiny really. The mini donuts were also less than two inches across. And yet still not so great for diets. It's soooo very easy to pop 3 or 14 in your mouth before you know it. How does that happen? Didn't help that each recipe made a lot and that I wanted to try a lot of flavors.

Like chocolate with chocolate glaze and chocolate sprinkles.

And the classic cinnamon sugar. So tender and yummy!

Couldn't leave powdered sugar out of the group.

And a Biscoff cookie coating with 3 sugars.

All packed up and ready to go! Can't wait to try more flavors!!!