Tuesday, February 6, 2018

No Bake Valentine Lips

Lip smacking good and an embarrassingly EASY treat! When I say "no bake" I mean YOU don't have to bake them. That part (plus the clean up, yay!!!) is already done by bakery elves!

I spied these rolls a couple of years ago and vowed to make them into a Valentine's Day project. Sadly I didn't get around to it until now. Wouldn't they make a great breakfast surprise filled with sliced strawberries and whipped cream? Did I mention that they are a whopping 5 x 7 inches? Huge!!!

The rolls (Bolillios) are sold year round in the bakery department at Walmart so if you wanted to do a glam party at some point in your life, you'd be all set. They also come in a whole wheat version. The six pack is only $1.98 so it was an inexpensive experiment. Worst case if it all went terribly wrong still left me with rolls and ganache. You know. To coat my dry lips. No brainer.

A glaze of ganache using these cherry chips and heavy cream was all I planned on when I started.

The plastic squeeze bottle was an easy way to flood the roll and reheat in the microwave between rolls. Dipping may also work but you might have to draw a lip line in the center with a knife before it sets.

Here they are before the glaze. All rough and dry and cracked. Poor rolls. Pucker up! Time for a quenching, sugary glaze!!!

But alas. The coating only seemed to accentuate the rough surface and cracked slightly while drying.

My lips are usually cracked and dry this time of year. No matter how much water (or butter) passes over them or lip gloss coats them. So I was more than sympathetic with the rolls. Although I can't seem to fix my own lips, I was confident I could do more for these.

I tried dry brushing luster dust over the dried ganache but it only added to the crackled effect.

So I grabbed some disco glitter and went to town. You'll have to decide whether some fine glitter is for you since it's non toxic rather than edible. The smallest amount goes a loooong way.

These three were my favorites.

And here is the whole gang.

My VERY favorite is the red. Classic.

Get your glitter gloss on and have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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