Monday, May 21, 2012

Snow Cone Cupcakes


Now that summer is almost here, I thought you might like to see some frosty treats.
Well, sort of frosty.  Frosting looking at least.
The ice is a combo of sugar crystals and crushed rock candy.
Which is a lot. Of. Sugar.
But the colors are so pretty!
I'd also planned to perfect the insides before sharing
them with you by using the Jello poke cake method.
Thought this would give them a more authentic look
while adding in some fun snow cone flavors. Like rainbow. 
But one of my baking heroes has come up with an easier way.
Bakerella. She's a genius.
These are her multi-colored snow cones.
You can see how she made them here.

If you'd like to try my version, I used cone shaped Solo drinking cups and supported them
with clean empty V-8 juice cans while they baked.
Empty soup cans also work depending on the size of cone cup you use.

It had been so long since I'd made these that I'd forgotten what happened last time. The coating and colors are used for the labeling started to smoke a tiny bit while baking. Probably not food safe to say the least. Please make sure whatever can you are using doesn't have a plastic coating inside or out.
I plan to try the chrome version of wire holders like those shown below the next time. The coated version might also melt or smoke in the oven so please don't use it. Not sure if Wilton's King Sized Muffin pan is tall enough but I may have to look at that option as well.

The chrome wire holders were sold as egg cups but I wasn't the only one who saw their potential.
Some clever person came up with a coated version in all sorts of fun colors.
These can be found with the snow cone supplies at discount and kitchen stores.
And yeah. I bought some. Couldn't resist.

You can find all sorts of designs on snow cone cups these days
but if you don't want to spend a fortune on them, try good old   cone shaped water drinking cups.
The kind sold for use on those big orange coolers.
Much better buy. About 200 for around $4 - $5. Plus they come in a variety of sizes.

So start saving those empty cans and pull out the flip flops!
It's TIME!


Jenniffer said...

These are SO pretty! I really like the ice effect the rock candy gives. Great job!

Anonymous said...

so you actually cook the cupcake in the solo cup? Have you tried to make it in a regular sized cupcake wrap and then insert it into the solo cup or will it not fit? Just wondering

Deborah Stauch said...

The cupcake is baked in the Solo cup. You could use a regular cupcake but it wouldn't fit in the bottom of the Solo and might be top heavy.

Unknown said...

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