Wednesday, November 1, 2017

All is calm . . .

Whatcha doin' on Halloween? It will be anything but a Silent Night around here. I'm already on a sugar high from "sampling" the trick or treat candy bowl. Can't be giving those cute little goblins any bad candy! Or cake. This one has a surprise inside.

There was a little contest for guessing what I used to mold the moon. I was tossing some paper into the recycle bin and saw the bottom of a recently emptied Diet Pepsi can. I now have a whole new appreciation for every day objects. Exactly the curve I was looking for!

Lined it with a small piece of foil and filled it with melted white chocolate and off to the freezer to wait.

It actually worked! Love the lines and texture created by the foil. Which was impossible to smooth. Or maybe I didn't have the patience needed to remove all the wrinkles. Either way, it made for a perfect surface to lightly dust for moon shadows.

I'm sad to report that on the trip to the office with my husband as the delivery boy, the cake was just heavy enough to set off the seatbelt alarm. It won't stop until you buckle and so . . . the seatbelt strap MAY have had some black frosting and red ganache adhered to it when he returned home. I have no idea how bad the damage was but his coworkers didn't seem to mind. Arggggh!!! The help these days! At least he doesn't charge much. I may have to dock his pay nonetheless.

Happy haunting!!!

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